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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Illinois Judicial Council is to enhance the image of the judiciary by serving as a collective voice in strong support of its members and encouraging judicial participation in the Cook County Bar Association, National Bar Association and the Judicial Council of the National Bar Association; to serve the community by dispensing scholarships, encouraging the youth of the community in their positive goals, serving as “role models” and as constructive resources for the youth, educating and enlightening the community about the legal process and striving to providing equal access to the courts and to justice.

Our History

WCCollage (1)

On January 13, 1982, a small group of African-American judges met in Chicago, at the Community Insurance Company, to discuss problems common to black judges.

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Chair’s Corner

Cynthia Y Cobbs

On August 30th, the Illinois Judicial Council hosted its 36th Annual Installation and Scholarship Awards Banquet. To the many judges, lawyers, elected officials and friends who were in attendance, on behalf of the Judicial Council Executive Committee and the entire IJC membership, I wish to express sincere gratitude. Your presence at the Banquet was a clear and reassuring sign of your regard for the Council and its contributions to the Read More…

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